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Dear Customers, 

It is no doubt a difficult time for everyone in this world, but we are in it together. As a jewellery maker, we’re only able to bring a bit of light and happiness, but sometimes, that is all that we need right? A bit of positivity and a bit of hope - we will see the light of day soon. 

As a small business, this discount (30% off) is the best we can do to offer a bit of light to everyone. If you were always eyeing one of our pieces just because, or have wedding plans, party plans and need accessories, this is the time to grab your dream piece as we never really do discounts. 

We hope that this will bring at least a bit of hope and joy to everyone.

Please note that there is no discount code, all products are eligible (including our fine jewellery), the 30% discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Thank-you for supporting a small business. May everyone stay healthy and happy. Let’s fight this together. 


Eunice & Cissy

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