Prism Bracelet Cocktail Collection - Pink Lady

$75.00 CAD

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It takes a special type of women to enjoy the pink lady cocktail.

Orange red colour - sometimes orange, sometimes red, so unpredictable.

Our signature handcrafted 14K gold filled bracelet is made using large Swarovski® crystals. Simple yet eye catching - a great accessory to wear on both casual and work days.

These bracelets are made to look amazing stacked or worn alone.

- 14K gold filled chain, gold plated brass setting for crystals

- total length 7.5" 

- 1.5" adjustable length

- made with Swarovski® crystals 

- Handmade in Canada


**We do not recommend wearing the Prism bracelets in the shower or pool as soap and chemical will affect the longevity of the gold plated crystal setting.